New Generation Beehive Monitoring Systems


  • Beebot - product of Bee Smart Technologies. Reliable in-hive sensor for remote beehive monitoring.

Monitor your bees wherever you are

The Beebot is your personal intercom from your beehive. It records data about the change in temperature and humidity and performs acoustic analysis every 15 minutes. All information is compiled into a report and sent to the cloud three times a day. On the backend of our analytics dashboard (the BBoard)… Beehive monitoring is here to help you understand you bees and focus on what is really important for you – the health and productivity of your honeybee colonies.

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  • Weight scale for remote beehive monitoring

The most reliable and easy-to-use weight scale

HiHive is a weight scale specially designed for beehives. It operates in the harsh conditions of the open field for up to three months on a single battery charge. Completely wireless, it is amazingly easy to setup, move or take out the battery for charging. Tracking the change in weight is a crucially important parameter for beekeepers who feed during the winter as it tracks the remaining food but it is also extremely valuable for scheduling your operations during the active periods. Knowing when to extract the honey will allow you to develop your colonies in a more sustainable way thus optimising their production.

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HiHive 2.0

HiHive 2.0 is almost here!

Introducing the HiHive 2.0: new slick design, extended battery life and improved accuracy at the same price!
HiHive 2.0 is lighter, easier to mount and works great with open bottom beehives. It runs for up to 6 months on a single charge and reads the weight on demand.
Tracking the change in weight has never been easier! HiHive 2.0 measures it 4 times per hour during the  daytime and may even indicate when your forager bees are getting out to start their work day. You’ll receive a notification when there has been an abnormal amount of weight gain, it is time to feed, main forage is available, and more.
A graph displaying the change in weight 12 months back complements the experience!

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  • Beebot

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