HiHive Gen 2.0




<h3>The most reliable and easy-to-use beehive weight scale just got better</h3>
HiHive is a weight scale specially designed for beehives. It operates in the harsh conditions of the open field for up to three months on a single battery charge. Completely wireless, the beehive scale is amazingly easy to setup, move or take out the battery for charging. HiHive’s resolution is 50 grams. It measures the change in weight of a particular beehive every 15 minutes and sends a six-hour report. Tracking the production, feeding or colony growth has never been so easy. We know, you have always wanted to see a graph, which displays the change in weight of a beehive for an entire year. We will even take you a step further, the beehive scale will notify you itself when there has been an abnormal amount of weight gain; it is time to feed; spring colony development; main forage is available and more.


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