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Remote Beehive monitoring has never been easier. Track temperature, humidity, movement and acoustics of your beehive from anywhere in the world. The Beebot connects to your local Wi-Fi network and transmits information for up to 6 months on a single battery charge.

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The Beebot is your personal intercom from your smart hive. It records data about the change in temperature and humidity and performs acoustic analysis every 15 minutes. All information is compiled into a report and sent to the cloud three times a day. On the backend of our analytics dashboard (the BBoard), the data is run through a series of algorithms to make more sense of it and notify you when your attention is needed. This way you minimize the number of manual inspections and only intervene when you have to. Using Beebot you are joining the era of digital beekeeping by collecting valuable data, easily accessing it from anywhere on any device and even sharing with advisors and customers. Bee smart and keep healthy bees with Beebot!

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