Introducing Beebot – transform any beehive into a smart hive

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Beebot + Your Hive = Smart Hive

The Beebot is your personal intercom from your smart hive. The beehive sensor record data about the change in temperature and humidity and perform acoustic analysis every 15 minutes. All the information gathered by the hive remote control system is compiled into a report and sent to the cloud three times a day. On the backend of our analytics dashboard (the BBoard), the data is run through a series of algorithms to make more sense of it and notify you when your attention is needed. This way you minimize the number of manual inspections and only intervene when you have to. With our hive control system, the Beebot you are joining the era of digital beekeeping by collecting valuable data, easily accessing it from anywhere on any device and even sharing it with advisors and customers. Bee smart and keep healthy bees with Beebot!

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Of course. If you are particularly interested in the scientific part of beekeeping, you can play around with the position of the devices within a beehive and compare your results.
Normally, the Beebot needs 3-5 days to create a baseline for the conditions inside the hive and then its primary purpose is to estimate the strength and health of a certain colony, rather than provide raw data. In other words, it follows an algorithm, which makes sure that your bees are capable of sustaining an optimal in-hive environment.

Although Beebot uses Wi-Fi to communicate, its communication module is only active for up to 8 minutes every 24 hours. This is far less exposure to radio signal compared to a beekeeper doing a manual check up with a cell phone in his pocket.

Very! You need to unscrew the battery panel, plug in the battery to turn the device on. Then you select a frame (for best results use a brood frame), cut out a piece of the base, the same size of the Beebot device and secure the Beebot box in place with 2-4 zip ties (provided).
Note: Do not cut out brood from your frames! If no brood frame can accommodate the device, simply position it as close as possible. After that, you just forget about the physical device and enjoy the benefits of the smart hive and digital beekeeping for at least six months before you are prompted to recharge the battery.



The battery lasts for 6 months. A charger is included in the product’s package.