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Our Mission

Beehive fully equipped with Bee Smart Technologies products

We are building the agriculture of the future and promoting sustainable practices. In our work, we use advanced technologies, centered around the reestablishment of a caring relationship with nature. Starting by saving the honeybees, we strive to expand our portfolio of innovative products and services and deliver a measurable impact to all farmers in the broader agricultural sector. We are committed to applying an ethical approach in creating the Smart Grid of Nature.

Media and Recognition
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Meet the team

Bee Smart Technologies team photos - Sergey Petrov

Sergey Petrov
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Stephanie Bosseva
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Kostadin Angelov
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Stefan Donchev
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Bee Smart Technologies team photos - Stefan Donchev

Irina Grueva
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Bee Smart Technologies team photos - Irina Grueva

Richard Ward
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Bee Smart Technologies team photos - Richard Ward
Bee Smart Technologies team photos - Teodora Todorova

Teodora Todorova
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Georgi Popov
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Bee Smart Technologies team photos - Randy Oliver

Randy Oliver

A bee biologist and a hugely experienced beekeeper, Randy is among the most prominent beekeepers in the US. He is not only an advisor but an inspiration for all of us. His efforts and knowledge are openly shared on his blog at www.scientificbeekeeping.com

Bee Smart Technologies team photos - Simeon Todorov

Simeon Todorov

With great enthusiasm and a creative approach, Simeon has proven to be one of the most proactive beekeepers in Europe and active promoter of bee-friendly policies. Simeon also provides facilities and testing hives for our technology.

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