A Radical New Approach to Beekeeping

It is time to digitize beekeeping. We empower beekeepers to understand their bees better. Moving from calendar-based decisions to data-driven solutions helps optimize beekeeping operations and keep healthy bees. We support small scale hobbyists as well as huge commercial beekeepers to embrace modern technology and become part of the beekeeping of tomorrow.

Bee Smart™

Bee Smart™ is a remote diagnostic and monitoring station for any bee hive. The device collects vital health and productivity information by collecting in-hive temperature and humidity, analyzing the sound in the hive and tracking the change in weight. Bee Smart™ also tracks movement and informs beekeepers if their hives are displaced. The system acts as a real-time medical record for any bee colony. Bee Smart™ saves time, makes operations smoother, brings down costs and may help increase yield.

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Remote hive monitoring is the way to the future in beekeeping. The benefits are countless, no matter how big your operation is.
Simeon Todorov, Todorovi's Bee Farm

Our Mission

At Bee Smart Technologies our mission is to build a Smart Grid of Nature where bees are in its center. We adopt advanced technologies and sustainability is one of our core values. We care deeply about nature’s most important reproductive mechanism – the honeybees. And we are committed to leveraging knowledge and best practices crafted by experienced beekeepers and bee scientists to offer the best value to the entire beekeeping community.

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1105, 2016

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When studying honeybees, the number 21 keeps on coming up. Did you know that it takes 21 days for a worker bee to hatch? Or that a bee colony needs to have at least 21 thousand family members before they start actively gathering [...]

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