About Sergey

Aerospace Engineer, trained in new product design and sustainable social endeavors at Singularity University. Sergey is passionate about protecting the delicate balance in nature and its pollinators.

Bees at Google Headquarters

From email to marketing tools, amusing gadgets and disruptive transportation automation, Google has always been a pioneer in introducing innovative and exciting technologies. In 2015, when Google became Alphabet, they decided to change their slogan from "Don't be evil" to "Do the right thing". But did you know that at Google, they were doing the [...]

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Announcing our partnership with UWA

The partnership utilises the latest and most advanced remote honey bee colony monitoring technology in an effort to resolve current industry problems that limit the value and expansion of the Australian honey bee products industry. 04 August 2017 - Perth, Australia Bee Smart Technologies, one of the world's most prominent start ups in the IoA [...]

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Yes, the bees are still in trouble

Hello to everybody! Sergey here, coming out from a loooong blogging pause. It is not that we at Bee Smart Tech do not like to interact with our frequent readers, but we have been extremely busy developing our product and customer base. We will from now on post more frequently about the happening around our company, [...]

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Varroa destructor

It is no secret to any beekeeper that increased population of parasites, and particularly Varroa mites, is one of the main reasons for the increasing mortality rate among honeybee colonies in the past few decades. Varroa destructor, as it is commonly known, is spreading across the globe, leaving beekeepers in distress. Of course, beekeepers are [...]

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Code 21

When studying honeybees, the number 21 keeps on coming up. Did you know that it takes 21 days for a worker bee to hatch? Or that a bee colony needs to have at least 21 thousand family members before they start actively gathering honey? Perhaps the most controversial relation is that the number 21 is also [...]

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All Drone (d) Up

As we mentioned before, bees function as one whole super-organism. Each member has a specific role that is equally important. But when we talk about bees we tend to focus on the queen bee, or the worker bees and we somehow rarely mention the not very active, but still much needed male bees, namely, the [...]

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Bees sting to protect the colony

If you are a bee lover you probably roll your eyes when somebody starts to freak out about being stung by a bee. It is the biggest concern when speaking with people who do not keep or understand bees. So let us shed some light on this topic. First and foremost, whenever a honeybee stings [...]

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Bee Smart, Bee Happy

That’s quite some time for optimising every basic process, from cleaning their cells to defending themselves from unwanted guests like hornets. There are so many things we can learn from these fascinating creatures that are nature’s epitome of a perpetuum mobile. For, honey bees never stop working; they never wait for their manager to give [...]

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The Most Efficient Pollinator

Thanks to them, we have honey, propolis, wax and royal jelly. However, their role to maintain the balance in nature is more global than that. Bees are the most efficient pollinator; a single bee colony can pollinate 3 million flowers a day. Plants, just like every other living organism, need to reproduce. Being a bit [...]

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